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Consolidating the rule of law

Estonian Bar Association is a self-governing professional association acting on local government administration principles established on 14 June 1919 for the organization of the provision of legal service in private and public interest and defending of the professional rights of the attorneys.

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Our structure

Estonian Bar Association operates via its bodies: the General Assembly, the Board, the President, the Audit Committee, the Ethics Tribunal and the Admissions and Aptitude Assessment Committee.

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Becoming a member

In Estonia, legal services under the professional name of an attorney may be provided solely by members of the Estonian Bar Association, unless otherwise provided in this Act. Read how to become one.

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Contact us

Here you can find how to reach Estonian Bar Assocasion office. If you have a question, please write an e-mail to or call 662 0665. We are always happy to assist our members and colleagues.

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