Obtaining associated membership

Fifth chapter of the Estonian Bar Association Act regulates the associated membership of the Estonian Bar Association.

The right to act as an associated member of the Bar Association is granted, on the basis of an application, to a person who is a citizen of a member state of the European Union and who has the right to practise as an attorney on a permanent basis in a member state of the European Union.

An associated member of an Estonian Bar Association is an attorney who works in Estonia permanently. Working as an attorney in Estonia temporarily is regulated in § 74 of the Estonian Bar Association Act.

A person who wants to apply for the associated membership must submit following documents:

- An application (including personal identification code).
- Copy of the passport.
- Certification of being member of the home Bar Association (any document proving that).
- Data of the law firm (both in home member state and in Estonia).
- Documents certifying that the associated member is a member of the management of a law office or a shareholder of a company of attornies in a member state of the European Union.
- Professional liability insurance (Estonian Bar Association Act § 48).

You may also add curriculum vitae, certification of legal education etc.

Membership fee is 60.72 eur (950 eek) monthly.

The details of international bank transfer are:

Beneficiary: Eesti Advokatuur
Beneficiary`s (account) IBAN: EE871700017002181978
Beneficiary`s Bank: Luminor Bank AS
                                Liivalaia 45,10145 Tallinn Estonia
Beneficiary`s Bank Correspondent: Luminor Bank AS
                                                         Aleksanterinkatu 30, Helsinki
                                                         (BIC code: NDEAFIHH) 


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